Art Market by Digiphy is the world's first hybrid marketplace with physical art and NFTs.

ArtMarket by Digiphy is the world's first marketplace that offers extraordinary art in its physical form and also in its digital form as an NFT. Sourced from the world's top museums & local artists. Digitally enhanced by our proprietary AI.

1. Explore and acquire art

Explore and acquire masterpieces from local artists and international legends like Van Gogh, Da Vinci and more.

2. Physical art at your door

All physical artworks are custom made with craftsmanship, precision and passion. Delivered to you with diligence.

3. NFTs in your inbox

NFTs are sent via email without the need for crypto wallets. Access them via our portal or transfer to OpenSea.

About Digiphy

Digiphy is bridging the digital and physical art worlds through its revolutionary platform that allows easy acquisition of any artwork in its physical and digital form.