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A Greenhouse Effect
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Set in a time-travelling greenhouse, “A Greenhouse Effect” touches on themes of evolution, metamorphosis, and cause and effect. The laws of linear time are suspended as the characters inside this greenhouse witness a collision of eras.

This collage is from a series titled, “Far From Ordinary: A Series of Dreamscapes Made with Very Precise Slices”, a collection that explores scenes of beautiful madness and pure absurdity between animals and humans.

All of my collages are hand-cut and are made with various magazines, books, newspapers, and playbills.

Artist: Emily Andrews
Year: 2019
Region: Niagara
Size: 6in x 8in
Support: Watercolor Paper
Keywords: collage, surrealism, retro, vintage, fashion, interior, animals, plants
NFT Included: Yes (Fulfilled by Digiphy)

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