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MIRR-MIRR Vanity Stand - Reflecting Awareness
USD $9,876.00
Only 1 left!

With the need of creating a furniture piece that will have an specific space for each of the products we use while getting ready for the day in front of the mirror, I have created the most functional mirror stand, made art.
Painted on a Geometric-Abstract style, with bold-intense colors, and adding texts that allowed me take better thoughts directions, hoping they will help you too.
Please Visit www.ttollo.art for more info.

Cheers - Peace!

WEIGHT (KG): 68.50
Artist: Cristina Lara-Cervantes
Year: 2021
Region: Canada
Size: Human Scale
Support: Other
Keywords: mirror, functional art, abstract, geometric, furniture, colorful, modern, best art,
NFT Included: Yes (Fulfilled by Digiphy)

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