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The Wanderer And Her Shadow
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This is the last scene described in my all time favorite book "Thus spoke Zarathustra" by Nietzsche with a flavor of my own added to it. In the finale of the book, while the over- men are feasting and partying in the cave, Zarathustra walks out and his animals calmly come to him. The eagle represents pride, the snake is the wisdom, and the lion that is slowly walking toward the figure represents "will" to act and create.
The rose wreath crown is the symbol of laughter and by painting the face as a rose flower, I emphasized on the role of laughter in inner freedom.
The whole scene is taking place in a desert without any other human existence, which reveals that the key to true happiness is self-discovery and self-mastery through periods of isolation.
Covid-19 provided this isolation for me. Although, some people went through unavoidable hardships such as loss of loved ones, but in the bigger picture, the pandemic was a flip to remind us how fragile we are as human beings and how easily we can get wiped out of the earth, while nature stays careless as always. Therefore, the only thing we are able to do in this word, is to enjoy the moment and be content with what we have and who we are while creating a world that we truly want to live in.

WEIGHT (KG): 1.50
Artist: Sherry Shayan
Year: 2020
Region: Toronto, Ontario
Size: 21x46inches
Support: Canvas
Keywords: Surreal, surrealism, surreal art, surreal artwork, acrylic painting, surreal painting, conceptual painting, modern art, surreal art, contemporary art, contemporary painting
NFT Included: Yes (Fulfilled by Digiphy)

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