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Two Wine Glasses by John Singer Sargent
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John Singer Sargent (/ˈsɑːrdʒənt/; January 12, 1856 – April 14, 1925) was an American artist, considered the "leading portrait painter of his generation" for his evocations of Edwardian era luxury. During his career, he created roughly 900 oil paintings and more than 2,000 watercolors, as well as countless sketches and charcoal drawings. His oeuvre documents worldwide travel, from Venice to the Tyrol, Corfu, the Middle East, Montana, Maine, and Florida. Born in Italy to American parents, Sargent spent his childhood traveling through Europe. He showed his artistic inclinations at a young age, and in 1874 he began his formal training at the Paris studio of Carolus-Duran.

This piece “Two Wine Glasses” is one of Sargent's best known works. This reproduction of his work has been digitally enhanced by our proprietary AI algorithm for an ultra high resolution canvas reproduction that is available in our Standard size. For reference, our Standard canvas sizes range from 20" to 30" in dimensions. The final product is custom adjusted to ensure an accurate museum quality representation of the original piece that can last for up to 200 years.

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Artist: John Singer Sargent
Year: 1874
Region: United States, France, Italy, United Kingdom
Size: Standard
Support: Canvas
Keywords: John Singer Sargent, American, France, Italy, UK, Realism, Impressionism, Portrait, Painting
NFT Included: Yes (Fulfilled by Digiphy)

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