Andrew C Sabori

I have been painting professionally since is was 18. My first job was painting rock posters for Bill Graham at the Fillmore West. After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara I dedicated my next 36 years to painting murals in California, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey and New York. In 2008, I reproduced a mural (Ellis Island-the Lost Mural). The original hung at Ellis Island until it was destroyed in 1953. The mural plus35 portraits of famous immigrants has been touring the U.S. I JUST FINISHED THE BOOK "THE LOST MURAL OF ELLIS ISLAND" BY ANDREW SABORI & HENRY INTILI IS AVAILABLE AND CAN BE PURCHASED THROUGH LULU. on the internet and look for a film maker interested in making a film based on the book In the meantime I have also been dedicating most of my time to producing a portfolio of canvas and paper works. If you have a favorite photo and want a painting or pencil sketch of it, email me and I will quote you a reasonable price. acsabori@