My desire to create a piece of art comes from what's inside my head, my heart - from what's inside my soul...from a place of positivity, also from negative energy. I have learned both the positive and negative are valid and need a voice. It may be thought of as a blessing in disguise, but my personal loss and tragedy, have in large part become ammunition for my artistic style.   Every piece I create is born of a feeling, an emotion, or an experience which I myself have experienced either first hand, or through a client. This makes it authentic and unique, just as we all are. My vision is to bring every single emotion we feel to life through my knife, onto the canvas, and into the viewer’s soul. With each piece, I have a general framework based on the color pallet and the emotion I want to convey, then, through a natural process it grows into its final state. Edward Kosa (KosaArt) was born and raised in Winnipeg and surrounding area in Manitoba, Canada. Growing up was about enjoying country living with his six brothers and sisters. Edward was creative and artistic from a young age, and as time passed it all became about the music. Decades as a drummer and a few tours later, it was time to say goodbye to the music life.   2021 has brought with it much dedication and excitement with the birth of KosaArt. With influences such as Hans Hofmann and Mark Rothko, his style is Abstract Expressionism. This self-taught artist uses acrylics and knives, which affords great flexibility to convey his emotion with colors, and their relationship. Edward is a proud father of three children and currently lives in Manitoba, Canada.